Thursday, December 23

Winter Solstice

Yesterday, was winter solstice festival for the Chinese people. Is was wonderful, I help out making the 'tang yuan' five colours but end up a wonderful beautiful piece. See below...=)

After, my mom done melting the sugar into liquid for the 'tang yuan' then is family day. All of us went out to queensbay for the Kenny Rogers that my sister praised is so delicious so we went for it. End up, four of us order four different set and actually is my first time so I give it a try.. so not bad the taste..

So, it my family day with my parents...

Monday, December 20


Holiday, two more weeks after then the school will reopen.
Four more days, to Christmas and Ten days to a brand New Year of 2011.
Welcome 2011 and said goodbye to 2010, it had being a great year but 2011 will be better than 2010 because the future always being better..

School holiday is good for me sometime but mostly it will make you rust..
End of the year still got so many event that i looked through in facebook of friends event..

Tuesday, December 14

Weird stuff

Today after my tuition, I was walking to the bus stop near Gama Supermarket.

Then, I saw a man lied on the stone chair and he was wrapped with lots of newspaper.

It like that guy wore clothes made out of newspaper. Imagine newspaper clothes are

easily teared but based on what I saw that not the fact. While waiting for the bus, I

wanted to take a picture of that guy. Sadly, few friends pick him up and I miss the

chance.... Haiz !!!

Saturday, December 4


Few days ago, i went to my primary school follow my dad to a Malay Wedding, is a friend of my dad that his daughter getting married. It was held at my primary school, I was wonder how!! End up, it was nice decorating and I totally agreed that marriage is a once a life time that you or I willing to share the rest of your with one you loved.

I had my visit around the school, miss those time that i was playing around the school.
Hide and seek and others... Is already being 6 years that haven`t return to my primary school, it change a lot that surprised me because it an old primary school. ( Francis Light Primary School )

These a few picture that I spend my 6 years in that school...=)

These are picture around my primary school..=D


5 days in Cameron Highlands was a blink of an eye. Time passed so fast even I din`t notice about it. I enjoyed a lot and it quite a fun holiday to spend for it.
The games, speaker ( Mr. Martin Jalleh ) he is wonderful guy on cracking jokes and giving the leadership speech and other things.

The dorm, I stayed in. The first night was so dusty, hardly to get into sleep too. Other nights, I was sleeping like nobody business because was too tired after all the activities. When the sketch, I don`t like that part cause I had to play that I don`t even want to, just only my sketch and the others sketch was wonderful.^^

I so dumbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!! I forgotten to bring my camera to Cameron. That the thing, I regret the most because I could took a lot nice picture and post it up here. Haiz...... I took some picture in my phone, not much just several.

Prefect Board ( BOP )

It is a wonderful time. I definitely miss it...=DDD

Thursday, November 11

Back on blog

Several things had happened since I had stop blogging. There been the school event that I got myself into it, the Farewell for those Form 5 and Upper 6 students.
It was a wonderful event but there a part make me felt so uncomfortable is the teacher had to paid Rm250 for that so call " Music Copyright Fee".

Darn it. So time passed is liked a blink of an eye, it traveled so fast even I does not notice it.
The Final Exam had arrived and tomorrow (12 November 2010) is last paper I sitting for MUET o...
Writing paper o...

After the exam, is time for the Leadership Training Camp (LTC) that going to be on (22 November 2010) so that what I heard from the organizer o...
Being leader in a team have many things to worried about. But there is pros and cons throughout the whole process o...

Back to Me, recently i heard many kind of things around the school. And I found out this year Lower Six there is so many people had coupled.
Maybe, there is a Love Cupid around the school that shooting arrow making people falling in love. Beside that, I felt i being so LAZYYYYYYYY these days.

Talking about this year, my Lower Six life so damn lazy me o... Next year is ahead of me, I`m so scared o...
Paiseh ar, back to the topic.
I found out that there are many language in this world,
And there different language to express your love to others.
Japanese : Ai Shiteru
Korea : Sarang Hae Yo
Chinese : Wo Ai Ni
Malay : Saya Cintakan Mu
Indian : I`m still finding for it o...
English : I Love You
Mexican : Ti Amore
And others different language that i can`t name it all o...

These my stories for today o... (11 November 2010, 10.24pm Ends)

Sunday, October 17

Coming Event

This coming Thursday is the day that I retake my bike P license.. Dunno what wrong with Me cause i got this feeling or the mind is telling me, I scare that i`m going to fail again because of the STUPID TITI!!! ARGH!!!!! I dun like to fail twice in the same things that i`m doing it.. I HATE IT!!!!

And after Thursday is the "Farewell of BOD"... I really bump into BIG trouble if i fail again this time.. I really really really hope i would pass then i can get my P license for both vehicle!!! I HOPING!! PRAYING HARD!!!!

Beside that, exam coming soon dy.. I think everything came in to my life at the same time and need me to finish it up only then i can rest... I was wondering when is the time i could rest as enjoying... My life after form 5 is not that perfect also, din`t get to rest after exam is only WORKING!!! Haiz!!! I`m wondering now also? When is the time going to come? It is after i finish my STPM? Haiz! WONDERING!!!!

Talk about other things, I think i fall for the songs that sang by Bruno Mars( Who is, Just The Way You Are, All She Knows and Only When You Are Lonely!!
You all should go and listen to it..
It nice songs..
Who is- Bruno Mars (Recommended by Celine) THX YA!! NICE!!